DR. J. P. Gupta


The Bariyar Shah Inter College Barkhare Sultanpur was established by श्री राम अक्षैबर सिंह. It was established in 1948 When our dreams turn into reality, they give us delight and when this happens the words of gratitude & thankfulness automatically come out from our mouths for the Almighty and for our helping hands. No great and glorious aim can be achieved without sterling faith in God and co-operation and positive support of our social beings. So, the co-operation and encouragement which we have got from our academic as well as from administrative staff is really praiseworthy.

Our years' service in the field of education itself tells the story of our struggle, combined efforts and the grand success of our students. We are providing our services in Bariyar Shah Inter College Barkhare Sultanpur. Our success is the result of good results, the efforts of our erudite faculty and our perseverance. The journey, which we began in 1987 with a handful of helping hands, has now turned into a pilgrimage of a great number of devoted people.